Who’s building the new New China?

I’ve been waiting a long time for a truckload-of-migrant-workers photo. Today I finally was in the right place at the right time with a camera.


This is a small truckload, as truckloads of migrant workers go. Legions of legions (literally) of guys like these — who prefer manual labour in the cities to the rural life they left behind — built and are building (literally) the new New China.


These guys are one of the major reasons why China can build so much so fast, and why stuff on store shelves in North America is so ridiculously cheap: migrant construction and factory workers exist in Dickensian conditions, and there are millions of them. This keeps labour costs way down, and lets China’s government/business elite pass (some of) the savings on to us!


And yes, that’s a McDonald’s (麦当劳 / mài dāng láo) in the background.

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  1. that school doesn’t happen to be in the same building as a gym and a dental clinic does it? Across the street from a children’s hospital? We exercise in that building, and every once in a while i see the current English teachers going in to work.

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