Chewing Tianjin’s Air

I took the photo on the left today around 10:30am. The TV Tower — which you can only barely see on the left despite the fact that it’s a sunny, cloudless day — is less than two blocks away.

dscn8754smog.JPG dscn5009clear.JPG

If you look straight up on days like these, you can see a faint hole of faded blue, but in any other direction all you get is this bright gray washed out haze that just gets thicker nearer the horizon.

Maybe I complain about the pollution too much, but it’s incredible, and we bike in it all the time. We don’t mention it much with our friends (Chinese or foreign) because there just isn’t much to say.

The second photo (above right) is from the June 2007 around 10am.

[2008 Oct 14]
These photos are from today around 9am. The first is (not) of the tower again, and the second is the opposite direction (south-east):


No clouds, no sandstorm, just wū rǎn (污染).

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