Local lunch scene — Oct 9, Tianjin, China

Not a special day; I just felt the urge to shoot some photos while waiting for my 饺子.


We often get lunch in this neighbourhood, which used to have a crowded street market (before the Olympics).


Mr. Liu (behind the tree) is one of a several friendly neighbourhood bike repairman, and this is his bike corner. He appeared in the Olympic interview video:


A smiling woman sells 粽子 from this chair everyday:


This new 饺子 place just opened up. The wall next to it says something more or less like, “Liberate thinking, make business, scientific development.”


These kinds of neighbourhoods can be a lot of fun. The network of sidestreets and sidewalks sort of forms a shared community backyard, where people eat, sleep, work, and play with their kids.

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