Anyone read… Polish?

This guy found our blog… I guess he liked it, but I have no idea what he wrote, or what language it is:
“ZródÅ‚o: Na zdjÄ™ciach ochotnicy olimpijscy, Ptasie Gniazdo

Autorzy Jessica i Joel to Kanadyjczycy, którzy uczÄ… angielskiego w Chinach. KochajÄ… jÄ™zyk, żarcie i ludzi. BawiÄ… siÄ™ jak nigdy dotÄ…d w czym nie sÄ… wyjÄ…tkiem. JeÅ›li komus jest dobrze w Chinach to wÅ‚aÅ›nie obcokrajowcom. Dlatego po przyjacielsku na amerykaÅ„sko-chiÅ„skim blogu Foolsmountain postanowili wytÅ‚umaczyć ChiÅ„czykom co ich wkurzyÅ‚o w czasie igrzysk. Tu link do artykuÅ‚u pod którym siÄ™ podpisujÄ™ obiema rÄ™kami. Polecam też dyskusjÄ™ poniżej.”

5 thoughts on “Anyone read… Polish?”

  1. I used and set the input language to “detect language.” You guessed right! It’s Polish.

    Here’s what Google spit out (I guess we can get the gist of it):

    “Source: Photos volunteers olimpijscy, Birds Nest

    Authors Jessica and Joel to Canadians, who teaches English in China. Love language, żarcie and people. BawiÄ… like never before in what is no exception. If the well of you is in China to the foreigners. Therefore, after przyjacielsku on American-Chinese blog Foolsmountain decided to explain what their Chinese wkurzyÅ‚o during the Games. Here a link to the article under which they subscribe two hands. I recommend also discussed below.”

  2. haha, machine translation rules! I’m glad I guessed right — that would have been embarrassing (actually, his IP address was from Poland). We’re getting a billion referrals from his blog (OK, maybe not that many, but a lot)… is he some sort of famous Polish blogger or something?

  3. “Authors Jessica and Joel are Canadians,who teach English in China . They love language,food and life.They have fun like never before and they are not an exception in this matter. If one enjoys the stay in China he must be a foreigner (he meant that in China foreigners are treated better than Chinese). Therefore on their American-Chinese blog they decided to explain to Chinese what they were irritated with during the Olympic Games. Here you go a link to their article with which I completely agree. Discuss this one below.”

    That’s the main meaning of this short note. I’m sorry if I made any mistake in English.

    Greetings from Poland!:)

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