“The isolated mentality of a small country”

A Chinese blogger posts an online conversation with a friend who saw the Opening Ceremony dress rehearsal. The translation here is revealing:

“This is the real China. It is not a great power, so it won’t have a relaxing, fun and festive attitude like a great power. Beijing is too heavy, too tiresome this time. … The performance of the government and people really changed (or reinforced) my understanding of China. To put it plainly, we have the isolated mentality of a small country: We cannot take criticism. We care about face too much. We really just talk to ourselves. We especially do not know how to communicate with others on an equal footing. … We are not a great power, so don’t cheat ourselves by saying we are a great power. … Instead, we mix arrogance and inferiority, get all confused, and cannot do anything in a normal way.”