China’s ‘century of humiliation’ and the Olympics

You can not hope to understand the 2008 Olympics without considering what is often called China’s “victim mentality”:

“”The question of Western humiliation is always unconsciously inside us,” filmmaker Chen Shi-Zheng—whose recent film, “Dark Matter,” explores this theme—told me. “There is something almost in our DNA that triggers autonomic, and sometimes extreme, responses to foreign criticism or put-downs.” Or as Lu Xun, China’s most famous essayist and social critic, lamented almost 75 years ago, “Throughout the ages Chinese have had only one way of looking at foreigners. We either look up to them as gods or down on them as wild animals.””

This same theme by Orville Schell in two different essays:
China’s Agony of Defeat (Newsweek)
China: Humiliation & the Olympics (NY Review of Books)

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