It goes both ways…

If you’ve ever wondered what our Chinese sounds like to Chinese people, this movie trailer makes a fine dynamic equivalent:

Man I hope they’re selling $1 copies of this on the street soon!

(P.S. – if you can’t see this video, you can try its original YouTube page: Mad About English! – Official Theatrical Trailer 2008.)

12 thoughts on “It goes both ways…”

  1. Yeah. Except that mass English-learning revival meeting scared me a little, like they’re gonna turn loose an army of over-zealous English students. Maybe I should try practicing Chinese at the top of my lungs…

  2. I’ve seen this on TV, but english is such a crazy language, so I kind of feel bad for them.

  3. No problem. I added it to the post. It’s worth watching, as it’s endearing and really funny. And a bit scary in one part.

  4. thanks man. I’d watch it now, but rachel is away with the computer making plans for our wedding that is in 10 days. I’ll be thinking about you guys. Miss you two, but your posts about all this stuff is absolutely awesome. I kinda jelious.

    Hey, my dad just got a job flying 747’s out of Hong Kong. Maybe at some point Rachel and I can make a trip and see you guys. Peace.

  5. haha. first, i’m pretty sure you won’t be thinking about us at your wedding! but still, i’m flattered. :) second, if you’re dad is flying to and from HK, and you still get free rides… shoot, man, you seriously need to get over here!

    I assume there will be tons of photos and stuff from the wedding somewhere for us to see…?? it kills us to miss that. were super excited for you guys.

  6. I have to get time off from my current job, but we will be seeing you guys in the future. Dude, I love this video. Language learning is brutal for all of us.

  7. Good video. Enjoyed. I share you thoughts about Li Yang. I’ve done quite a bit of reading on him. He does far more harm than good. In fact, he’s coming very close to being in Beijing’s doghouse. Students of Li Yang soon discover that they’ve wasted a considerable amount of time and money. I never correct anyone’s English. Hell, mine isn’t much better than theirs!

  8. Wow,amazing,after I saw an old man wants to practise his english so eagerly and feels so freely to open his mouth,a sense of self-contempt arosed from my deep heart.What I lack is just such courage.

    Well,I don’t think people want to learn english so eagerly in the countryside,coz you may know there exists such a huge difference between the city and the countryside.

  9. Sometimes it can be hard to speak when you know you’ll have bad pronunciation and make grammar mistakes. Some days are harder than others, but you can’t get better without making lots of mistakes. I say incorrect and stupid-sounding stuff every day… several times a day. Normally it doesn’t bother me, but on a bad day it makes me feel like just staying inside and doing book homework.

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