[Photo Gallery:] NCLCC’s Annual Great Wall Camping Trip

Our language school’s glorious annual camping trip on the Great Wall, about 45 minutes outside Jìxiàn (蓟县).

We arrived, ate lunch on the Wall, hiked down off the wall to a nearby village (photos), returned, pitched the tents (Jessica and I slept under the stars- er, clouds), and had dinner together. The next morning we ate, left all our stuff on the bus, and hiked along the Wall for about two hours to Huángyáguān (黄崖关), a big restored walled town that’s now a major tourist attraction.

For one of our teachers it was his first time to ever visit the Great Wall. It’s always fun to get to spend this much non-classroom time with the teachers. (34 photos.)

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2008 June 6-7

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