New photo galleries: Happy Forest village & Great Wall camping!

Two new photo galleries from this weekend are up! It was the annual New Century Language and Culture Center Great Wall Camping Trip. We camped overnight on the Great Wall and visited Happy Forest village (快活林村), which sits in a valley down from the Wall. The photos are a mix of ours and friends’. I’m especially happy with how the Happy Forest village photos turned out. This year we talked with more people and mostly took people shots. We also happened upon the elementary school during recess and caused some rather photogenic chaos.

Click a photo to open the corresponding gallery.

great-wall-june-08-107fromdave.jpg great-wall-june-08-135fromdave.jpg

great-wall-june-08-154fromdave.jpg great-wall-june-08-162fromdave.jpg

great-wall-june-08-214afromdave.jpg great-wall-june-08-202afromdave.jpg


I wonder what was going through her mind just then.



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