How to: Camp on the Great Wall

The view from our sleeping bag:

Didn’t need a tent. (Click the photos to see them big size.)

We slept here:

We just got back from and overnight camping trip with some classmates and teachers to the Great Wall. The first day we walked down the mountains to a local village called “Happy Forest village,” and the next day hiked the wall together. I’ll have two new photo galleries up soon, once we get photos from some friends. In the meantime, we’re beat and I’m going to bed! It was tons of fun – aside from spending time with some great people, we got two precious days out of the nasty urban jungle.

5 thoughts on “How to: Camp on the Great Wall”

  1. ok….so when we plan our trip to visit you guys…we have to work it so it includes a camping trip on this spot on the wall!!!

  2. definitely doable. our friend just took his visiting relatives up here two weeks ago. just make sure you bring air mattresses! and be ready to climb a billion large steps.

  3. Hey Joel & Jessica –

    My wife pointed me towards your blog, which I’ll read more in-depth later, about to start a “Financial Statement Analysis” class…

    My wife and I are planning on an extended trip throughout Asia, Europe and Australia next year…Is there any information that we could dive into related to camping on the great wall. Looks like an amazing experience!



  4. Sounds fabulous!

    out of curiosity… this couldn’t have been 八达岭, as I imagine you could’ve been trampled by tourists。Were you out at 司马台/金山岭 segment? It was a glorious, 10km hike when I was out there last summer. Considering I’d been in the urban jungle for months before that, … phew! it turned out to be a massive workout!

  5. Lee, we loved 司马台/金山岭! Easily our favourite of the two as far as the Wall is concerned. Our 司马台/金山岭 experience is here.

    This was in 蓟县 on the edge of Tianjin. It’s all restored, so that means it’s more convenient and a much easier hike than 司马台 and 金山岭。 Also much safer and shorter, if you’re with kids or older grandparents.

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