Like nothing you’ve ever heard

Students from the aforementioned performance school, some of their teachers, and some retired local Peking Opera stars performed in an earthquake benefit concert last week. The youngest was 5, the oldest was pushing 90. It was… like nothing I’ve ever witnessed/been subjected to. To be fair, I’m so uncultured that I can’t even appreciate Western opera, so it’s no surprise that some of this stuff just leaves me speechless – especially the last couple acts in the video (below). Click the photo to see it enlarged:

The crowd absolutely loved it. The people behind us were singing along, and people would shout “hÇŽo!” (good!) in the middle of performances to show their enthusiastic support.

The students were the most colourful, and the adults were the most… dynamic.

Kids in the first half, followed by the adults. You absolutely must turn up your sound when you watch this.

One thought on “Like nothing you’ve ever heard”

  1. 不知道为什么,你blog里面的视频我都看不了。
    不过好在我再youtube上面找到了这段,并且看了。我这没有耳机,所以只能看做派。最后那段好像是王紫苓 老奶奶唱的《红娘》选段吧。老奶奶今年大概70多岁 了吧,竟然做派还这样到位,真没想到,真没想到。

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