Drink this

When Jessica was sick a while back, I went to the vegetable market and asked the lady who sells tea what Jessica should drink for her cough. She gave me this:

It’s more interesting than drinking water, and it looks cool, too. The little brown nut-looking thing turns into the big see-through brown blob in the cup. The top photo is one cup’s worth of stuff, and how much of each thing you should put together.

5 thoughts on “Drink this”

  1. You know, it actually did help. I wouldn’t say it cured me, but it did do a lot to alleviate the symptoms. Plus it tastes pretty good, especially with the lemon slices!!!

  2. turns out there’s a handful of foreigners we know who all use those nut-blob things when they have sore throats – no one seems to know what they’re called, though.

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