Girls’ Afternoon Out

Jessica, who has several desperately interesting posts half-written but who has too much of a life to get them finished, fortunately has friends whose blogs will serve in the meantime. Shannon, one of our English teaching friends, just wrote about their weekly get-togethers with a pile of university students that they call “Girls’ Afternoon Out” (GAO):

For several weeks now I have been meeting with 4 other foreigners and about 15 former students every Saturday to talk about “girl stuff.” We officially call it G.A.O., Girls Afternoon Out, and one of the main objectives of this group is to learn about what it means to be a woman in China, as well as to share with the girls what it means to be a woman in the U.S., Taiwan, or the U.K. Let me tell you, we are all learning a ton! Relationships are different, families are different, the view of a boyfriend/husband is different, what is learned in school vs. learned from movies is extremely different! We are quickly finding out that these girls haven’t had much, if any, education about men and women, sex, or body image. They believe a lot of what they see in American TV shows and movies – YIKES!

To read more about how Jessica and Shannon are corrupting the minds of impressionable young locals, click over to Shannon’s blog.

Click the photo (stolen from Shannon) to see it bigger.

I would so love to be a fly on the wall when they get together!

3 thoughts on “Girls’ Afternoon Out”

  1. I would love to be there for that discussion. Getting beauty tipps from American movies is a big yikes, since a good pertantage of the American population is overweight.
    the cultural differences would be stimulating to learn about.

  2. One thing that’s a little scary is how American movies seem to be a lot of people’s primary source of information about what life is like in the West. It’s already scary enough that Americans grow up taking their romantic cues from their entertainment media. But us and our friends are repeatedly surprised by Mainland young people’s assumptions about North American relationships and lifestyles; they take a lot of what they see in the movies at face value.

    I can’t really blame the Mainland students – they haven’t had that many opportunities to get to know foreigners, and vice versa.

  3. 听上去 挺诱人的讨论~


    那我就变成个 butterfly 趴那

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