Grisly morning

I exited the school gate around 10:30 this morning and found traffic all jammed up and people crowding along both sides of the canal that runs in front of our apartment. There were police, two workmen in a small boat, and part of the area was roped off. They were just beginning to fish a body out of the still-frozen canal. The ice is thinner now, so I guess it’s easier to see what’s under there. I didn’t stick around, but I noticed that there weren’t any holes in the ice nearby, so I imagined the person must have gone in a while ago and only been discovered now because the ice has thinned enough. We also noticed two days ago that the ice was suddenly completely clear of ice fisherman, but I don’t know if that has any connection or not.

After getting back from a trip to the bike market (helping some new students buy bikes), I asked some of the neighbours about it. Mr. Huì, the restaurant kitten thieving retired guy, told me it was a middle aged man and the body had been in there for about two months. He didn’t know if it was suicide or not. I didn’t take pictures, except for this one from far away when I was on my way to the office later in the day. There are some bars right by that area of the canal and it’s not uncommon to see the occasional drunk person wandering around if we’re biking home late at night. Last year around this time rumours went through the school that a woman had committed suicide the night before by jumping into the canal.

Aside from that, we had a fun day. We have some different teachers this semester and I think they’re going to be great, and today we did a little introduction to local street food and bike riding for the new students.

The photo shown is of the last hurrah for this winter’s ice fisherman, taken on a cold Monday morning around 7:45am.

5 thoughts on “Grisly morning”

  1. Yeah – it’s not the kind of scene you expect to find practically right outside your living room window on a sunny morning. It was directly outside the school’s gate, and our apartment is along the canal just one block down.

  2. ahh.. so sad..
    hope you have no more experiences like this.

    wow.. it looks so cold! I forget how cold it gets there..
    spring is on its way thought right?

  3. That picture was taken on Monday. Now it’s Saturday, the ice is gone, and you can see tiny buds starting to form on the trees. I didn’t wear long underwear all week!

    It should put a flag for whatever country you’re from, but sometimes it doesn’t – maybe it has to do with what kind of network or internet provider or something. I get a flag form home, but not from the library.

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