A little taste of Chinese New Year in our neighbourhood

The video was all taken tonight from our kitchen and living room windows, or from outside right beside our building (turn up your sound!):

From 5:30pm on, there was no moment without the sound of something somewhere blowing up, and it slowly crescendoed to a frenzied peak at midnight, before tapering down to something sleepable by 2am.

The backyard:

Over our apartment (immediately below the burst in the second photo, top floor, corner, building on the right):

The canal:


Outside our gate, and a New Year’s kiss in the smoke:

Next door:


Our other Chinese New Year’s stuff:

6 thoughts on “A little taste of Chinese New Year in our neighbourhood”

  1. wow.. great video! Qustions.. is there trouble with fires in the city during new years? loved it!
    cat said “isnt that a fire hazard?” and “I’d be scared” nate said “wow.. thats fast” and “why would it be scarey?”.. josesph said “thats cool!” ..

  2. Well, we have (sadly) noticed that there have been a lot more ambulances than usual the last three or four days. And our teachers said the hospitals get really busy during Chinese New Year. A few years ago fireworks were banned in Beijing, but not anymore. I haven’t heard of any buildings catching fire, but it is super dry here.

    Some guys last night were out on the canal blowing holes in the ice with the big BOOM!-ing ones, making the water shoot up in the air.

  3. When you’re out of school maybe apply for a job as a fireman.. How do they handle all the fires? Is it the same like over here with localized stations and 911?

  4. I don’t know what they do about that. Apparently one person died in Beijing. From what I understand, though, firemen aren’t held in as high esteem here as they are in North America.

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