Playing on the lake!

For Jessica’s birthday a bunch of friends went skating or playing with ice sleds on the lake.

Then we went out for Indian food (oohhh curry heaven!) and ice cream. And then, oh we’re so sad… we all decided we should found a Facebook group: Tianjin is for Lovers!

9 thoughts on “Playing on the lake!”

  1. just wondering what the chair things are.. looks fun..
    how come some have skates and some dont?

    looks like great fun.. and I hope this means Jessica is feeling a great as she looks!

    miss yall:)

  2. You can just run around in shoes, or rent skates, or rent ice sleds, or ice bicycles or tricycles. They don’t have skates to rent my size, and the ice isn’t all that slippery as far as ice goes because it’s so dusty.

    The chair things are cool – you use garbage-picking sticks to pole your way around, kind of like how you use ski poles.

  3. Yes…I think I’m all better! And skating was soooo much fun…I hadn’t been skating since the winter Joel and I got engaged. You can rent either skates or sleds…I was the only one from our group skating (Joel would have, but his feet are too big for all the rental skates). Wish you and the kids could’ve been out there playing, you would’ve loved it!

  4. Awwww!!! My big sister in ice skates once again… how I miss the days of the flooded lower driveway and our own impromptu ice-skating arena… =) Glad to see that your birthday was fun… and I like your fuzzy little hat!

  5. Hi Joel/Jessica-I see by the skating picture, you might be able to come to B.C. and help the Canucks, as they are not doing well!! Seen your dad last night Joel, as we had been away to Calgary to see our girls and families, then to Saskatoon for an aunt’s funeral, she was 92.5 so had a long life. It was -35 to -40 many days, so I am happy to be home even though there is alot of snow here. Hope you are both well, you both look great. Think of you every morning when I am walking. Jim Johnson

  6. Hi Jim!

    -40? The only time I was ever that cold was working on fishing boat. The freezer where we stacked the fish was -40. We appreciate your thoughts!

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