Feels like we’re still in 2007

We went for walk today on the canal. Here’s a many-layered Jessica, with an ice-fisherman in the background. There is a city back there… you just can’t see it for all the “fog.”

Oh look - bananers!

Jessica is still sick, but managed to get out for a walk this afternoon. It’s her birthday week, so I’m trying to be a good husband. We’re hoping she’s feeling good by this weekend, when we plan to go with friends and skate on the artificial lake up the road.

Unlike most of you, our year hasn’t ended yet. Normally we’d be starting a new semester, feeling as if another page was turned or mile marker laid down during all the Christmas and New Year’s family festivities. But this time we’re missing that feeling; our rhythm is off. Imagine if it was still last semester for you and the big holidays were still coming up, even though it’s mid-January. That’s what it’s like. For us, it’s the last week of school, and then winter break just begins. The supermarkets are packed with people getting ready for the holidays. It’s weird – Christmas came and went, although in a much less spectacular fashion, and it still feels like 2008 hasn’t arrived.

Anyway, Jessica’s 29 now, and still getting hotter every year!

7 thoughts on “Feels like we’re still in 2007”

  1. I saw the comment you made on the article ” language learning is messy, celebrate your mistakes” and was linked to here.
    I can’t help saying that it just amuses me when I see how you depict the life of chineses from the stand of foreigner.As a chinese myself, those tiny details of chinese life often escape from my notice which is exactly the charming and funny part. Good job~

  2. Shu,

    I’m glad you like it. Sometimes I’m nervous that our writing might offend Chinese people. But we just want to be honest about our experiences, have fun, and talk about interesting cultural differences. I would be really interested to read what a Chinese person would say about living in an English-speaking country. I bet seeing a Western culture from a Mainland Chinese person’s eyes would be so funny and interesting.

  3. You only thought it was cold here in the apartment :P To me it is really impressive to see the canal frozen over. A part of me wishes I were there to experience it, and another says, “You’re just fine right here.”

    Happy New Year 97!

  4. It is pretty fun to run around on. They have “ice cars” (冰车) you can rent at the lake, that are either old bikes with runners welded on or small wooden sleds that you sit on and ‘pole’ your way around with a garbage picker stick in each hand. I’m thinking we need to have some races!

  5. Happy Birthday Jessica. You guys must be frozen to your bones. I just got back from moving my family back to Colorado Springs. Even though it got down to 29 while I was there lakes where not frozen over. Then again I don’t remember any lakes in Colorado Springs. POINT BEING dude cold weather is AN EXPERIENCE! It must have been a lot of fun to see a lake completely frozen over I’m jealious.

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