November’s propaganda, and June Cleaver eats Chinese pizza

I know what you were all thinking: Hey, it’s almost December! Where’s our dose of propaganda for November??!

Well here you go, straight out of our very own ‘backyard’:

shíshī jiù guǎnwǎng gǎizào jìnxīn wèi qúnzhòng bàn shí shì!

“Implement the old pipe network remodeling with all your heart to benefit the masses do actual work!”

The migrant work crew before last installed some new pipes under the road, and the neighbourhood eat watermelon drink tea committee comrades strung banners all over the place when they left. Every household is supposed to pay them (the neighbourhood committee) 10 块 (kuài) a month ($1.34 CDN), but I know at least one retired guy who avoids paying whenever he can.


It doesn’t say “made for women” in Chinese on the box, but it does on the store’s sign. The only thing we can figure is that it’s implying women don’t have to cook dinner for their families if they order pizza instead.

3 thoughts on “November’s propaganda, and June Cleaver eats Chinese pizza”

  1. Me too. I often think about our Pride, Prejudice, and Pizza night back in the dorm.

    Unfortunately, if you take a close look at the pizza featured on the Mr. Pizza pizza box, you’ll note that it has a swirl of white stuff. Nope, not some new kind of cheese…that, my friend, is a decorative swirl of mayonnaise. Yick…but unfortunately, pretty common in these parts.

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