Nanaimo bars make their Tianjin debut

Our Canadian family members and comrades will be pleased to know that Nanaimo bars made their debut in Tianjin last night, which may be a first in the whole of China for all we know. At any rate, we’re claiming the premiere Nanaimo bar cultural overture in Sino-Canadian relations.

We shared them with some friends, who also took some to their neighbours, and I suppose our teachers will also get some on Monday.

My mom mailed a mix from Canada, and found a recipe so Jessica can make them from scratch when the mix runs out.

Those of you who don’t know what Nanaimo bars are can take this opportunity to pause and reflect with wonder on the superior cultural refinement and achievements of your neighbour to the north.

6 thoughts on “Nanaimo bars make their Tianjin debut”

  1. I’ll take a close-up when Jessica makes them from scratch for Christmas. But don’t let that discourage your contemplation.

    Don’t know how they liked them, though I think our friend in the photo ate a healthy number.

  2. I think they were pretty well-liked. One friend asked me to teach his girlfriend (also a foreigner) how to make them. Then, last night one of the Chinese friends that tried them asked me to make them again…and to give her some when I do. She did ask though, that I add just a little less sugar to the white cream layer.:D I’ll see…I just don’t know if it’s possible to do so and maintain the magnificent gloriousness that is a Nanaimo bar.

  3. Hi~Dear Joel and Jessica
    Long time no see~~ :)
    How’s your going in China ?
    I miss you so so so so much~~~
    Recently,i teach at the chinese elementary school. It’s a special experience , and God’s gift~~
    God bless you all things~~ :)

    Sincerely Stanley

  4. Stanley! It’s so good to hear from you. We miss you, too, and we often remember and talk about you and all our Taipei friends. Check your e-mail soon… I’m trying to write you an e-mail in Chinese! And please say hi to everyone for us, and let them know we miss them.

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