Sacrifices great and small

Just got off Skype with my family in Vancouver – they just finished the huge annual Thanksgiving dinner, with all the homemade Ukrainian food and friends and games and everything. The video connection was bad, but we did get to sort of see and hear our niece ‘live’ for the first time (she’s my parent’s only grandchild so far). Missing meaningful family events is a sacrifice we knew we were going to have to make to live over here, but that doesn’t make us like it any better. We miss you guys! Eat lots of pierogies for us!

And of course, Canadian Thanksgiving also means the start of another NHL season, which I’m thoroughly convinced our American friends will never learn to truly appreciate (but this video – which makes perfect sense to me – is worth the 25 seconds, even if you are an American ;) ):

Living overseas sometimes involves sacrifices you didn’t think about ahead of time, and some are bigger than others. Can you imagine giving up your sports – not just being unable to follow your team, but playing as well? It’s not a major sacrifice for me, I guess, since grad school pretty much killed my Canucks watching ways long before we made it to China and it hardly compares to missing family events, but I still miss it, especially playing. I’m still trying to figure out what to do if we have boys… ping-pong just wouldn’t be quite the same.

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  1. Wow, the subject in the email advising me of this post give me a little scare. I somehow linked the words sacrifice and live, and I thought you were going to be talking about live sacrifices. Although not outside of my experience, I figured it couldn’t be good.

    I understand that sacrifice topic. I have been longing to play baseball with friends, or go romping around in the woods. I sure miss the great outdoors and the fun of sports. Maybe I can figure out how to go and join the break dancers in the park.

  2. joel, there are a few americans who love hockey! i love the maple leafs. laugh if you want but that’s the team i follow. just because you’re in another country doesn’t mean you have to miss your sports. you can teach your friends how to play. when we lived in Italy, i remember my brothers spending hours out in the street teaching our italian friends american football. it seems to me everyone had a good time. where there is a will, there is a way. we miss you guys a lot! sharon

  3. hey Joel & Jessica–it was so good to see you guys on the computer screen. not the same as a real visit, but still really good. I know your family is counting down the days to get to see you again :). take care & keep up the good work!!

  4. Hey it was a fun surprise to “see” you, too, even if you did kind of look like a colourful moving blob. Didn’t know we’d get to see friends as well as family. we gotta get this Skype thing figured out. Other people here report good video connections, and even with less-than-great internet connection speeds.

  5. hey Joel,
    we’ll set up our skype on a different computer next time. We’ve been using Joanna’s laptop, but we have another faster(new to us)PC that we’ll try next time to see if it makes a difference in the quality.

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