Firecrackers, inside, next door, at 8am

The Chinese staff at the office of the library where I’m studying today isn’t sure if people lit firecrackers inside the apartment next to ours this morning at 8am because they are moving in, or somebody’s died. Opinion seems to lean in favour of the moving-in theory, but I guess we’ll find out when we knock on the door and ask. But apparently if I straight up ask them if they’re moving house or someone’s died, they might punch me (amazing what a few months of Mandarin classes can get you!). We haven’t been sure for a while whether or not we even have neighbours, as we rarely see anyone going in there and when they do it looks like they’re showing the apartment to people. Maybe we finally have next-door neighbours!

Either way, tonight we’re going with 40+ other foreigners to cheer on China’s women’s World Cup soccer team in the new Olympic stadium, which is literally down the road. Pictures soon!

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