Jessica talks Chinese… in her sleep…

Last night I woke up in the middle of the night because I thought Jessica was talking to me. But then I realized she was just talking in her sleep. And then I realized she was speaking Chinese! And this wasn’t just the usual sleep-mumbling; this was loud, full sentences with clear diction just like she was wide awake speaking confidently to a room full of people. I have no idea if it made any grammatical sense or not because I didn’t stay awake long enough to try and figure out what she was talking about.

But next time I’m recording it with the camera’s sound setting and posting it on the blog. How cool would that be?!

Special Super Slogan September
Not only does this month’s slogan come with a free bonus slogan, it even includes free slogan educational material!

Each generation of China’s Communist rulers have defined their leadership with slogans, from catchy to obscure … these are more than just catch phrases — they define the goals of the nation.

The top red banner says:

chàng dǎo wén míng, gào bié lòu sǔ, ài wǒ jiā yuán
“Advocate culture, bid farewell to vulgarity, love our home”


And the bottom red banner says:

让公共场所净起来, 让城区面貌美起来!
ràng gōng gòng chǎng suǒ jìng qǐ lái, ràng chéng qū miàn mào měi qǐ lái!
Let public cleanliness rise up, so the city’s beauty can rise up! (poor translation… sorry!)

This second slogan in particular has been hung in a lot of places around here lately. I can just totally see Miller lovin’ it if the U.S. government started hanging policy exhortations everywhere as a public service for his benefit! ;)

I’m trying to get one of our neighbourhood’s something-or-other committees (I think this one may be the “Sit around all day eating watermelon and drinking tea Committee”) to give me an old banner so we can cut it up for red karate-kid-style head bands… this Wednesday we’re going with 43 other people (mostly foreigner Mandarin students and some teachers) to cheer on China against New Zealand in the FIFA Women’s World Cup in the spanking new Olympic stadium they just opened down the road. We’re all sitting together, and we’re hoping to get on TV.

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  1. oh what a fun post! Way to go Jessica! proud of your sleep talking! Thats so cool.. your brain is working even while you are sleeping! Swwwaeeeet :)
    Love the banners!

    and how fun to go see the game! i might try and find you on TV.. :)

    happiness and hugs coming your way! :)

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