Random slices of today

They all look the same
The new students are always given a pack of flash cards that have the teachers’ pictures on them, and they are supposed to memorized all their names. Thing is, all the teachers are Chinese, and to some foreigners who haven’t grown up around a lot of Chinese, Chinese all look pretty similar. They were talking about how hard it was during break time this morning. Plus, Chinese names are hard to remember for foreigners, even with pinyin.

But apparently this goes both ways. I’d heard independently from three different Chinese people this week that to many Chinese, foreigners all look the same! This morning my teacher confirmed it. She said before she started teaching Mandarin to foreigners, she also thought we all looked the same. One person explained that, actually, this is not really true – she can easily distinguish foreign men from foreign women. So, fair is fair.

Morning homework adventure
For an oral homework assignment I had to go find a doctor and ask them what kind of cold medicine was the best and how to take it. I found a pharmacist (I think) and asked her. She gave me a box of Tylenol and told me that I prefer that kind because it’s foreigner medicine and I’m a foreigner (as if it were possible to forget this even for a second in Tianjin. It’s not, by the way.) So I asked her what she takes when she has a cold, and she pulled out a Chinese brand of cold medicine, which she said she likes better because it doesn’t mess with your head like Tylenol does (I’m not totally clear on that last part).

Anyway, on the way to the pharmacy, I took this video while riding on my bike (it was about 10:30am, so rush hour was done). Turn up your sound:

Lots of older men have birds in identical looking cages with blue covers. There’s a post coming on those, once I get some good video of how they “exercise” their birds.

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