Dematerialization, circular economies, biocoenosis, industrial metabolism, etc.

dscn5183small.JPGWe got paid over $100 US this afternoon to read 58 technical terms and definitions from an environmental science textbook into a microphone before taking a stroll around the beautiful campus and its lotus flower lake and eating a big dinner. That means over $100 and dinner for 70 minutes of speaking English and a few hours of Mandarin practice.

One of the local universities is using English textbooks in their post-graduate environmental studies program because, according to the people that hired us, that level of environmental science material has not yet been produced or translated into Chinese. This stuff is for the students who will become some of the engineers who have to tackle China’s environmental issues. We’re big fans of trees, swimmable rivers, and stars on cloudless nights – so all hail environmental studies! We’re also all for getting paid to read out loud, go to dinners, and practice Chinese on people. All in all, a highly productive afternoon!

Ominously enough, we’ve barely been able to make out the aforementioned TV Tower the last three days. But I suspect there may be some real actual fog mixed in this time, as it’s really stinkin’ humid right now.

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