July’s slogan with bonus poetry

This poem was originally destined to get translated and passed off as a Chinese poem, but I just read a chapter on real Chinese poetry and realized this one never had a chance. Still, here’s a China-provoked bit of poetry, the quality being about where it was when I last wrote a poem… in junior high. No title yet; I’m taking suggestions:

i’m drinking some Chinese tea
that i’ve never drank before
it tastes like our old backyard in summer
(minus the dog poo)
happy memories

4:11pm 25 July 2007


“Beautify the sky tower, everyone has responsibility,
make better the environment, everyone benefits!”


měi huà tiān tǎ, rén rén yǒu zé, yōu huà huán jìng, rén rén shòu yì !

The “sky tower” is called the “TV Tower” in English, but I don’t know why. It’s the most prominent landmark in Tianjin, and keeps us from getting lost a lot (on blue-sky days, anyway). There’s an artificial lake around it and some park areas. At night it’s a popular place for dog-walking, roller-blading, sidewalk calligraphy, musical exercise, dancing, and snogging in every available shadow. We can see it from our “backyard.”

8 thoughts on “July’s slogan with bonus poetry”

  1. man, poetry is hard. I couldn’t’ decide between between dog “poo,” “poop,” or “doo.” What did we used to call it at the old house?

  2. I don’t remember sampling the dog poop.. I do remember eating dirty carrots and drinking from the hose after kootney. Those flavours were totally revisited while reading your poem. I was touched. Thanks.

  3. actually, your last attempt at poetry wasn’t quite as far back as jr. high, and I’d have to say it was much better than this one.:D Of course, it was for me…so maybe I’m biased!

  4. um, I thought we weren’t going to mention those poems to the rest of the family…

    just kidding.

    What no titles?

    i hope the hose didn’t taste any different on account of Kootney. i don’t rember sampling dog poop either, but it was there and all part of the experience, you know?

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