Our current home by the numbers

82 – the number of steps between our front door and the ground.
livingroom yang-tai view
1000 – (aka $131 USD), our monthly rent in RMB in the inflated Tianjin housing market (still way cheaper than Beijing). Also the unverified number tossed around by foreigners as the average monthly income for Tianjin residents. It’s hard to get an accurate read on Tianjin incomes for a number of reasons: it’s standard practice for companies to cook their books, the small but rich elite are really rich, state employee benefits, and who knows how accurately the migrant population is tallied. The average waiter makes about 700 RMB/month (also an unverified foreigner number).

16 – the number of building cranes we can see from our apartment on a blue sky day. 8 from our kitchen windows alone.

7 million – estimated population of Tianjin city proper.

11 million – estimated population of Tianjin.

6:15 – the time in the AM when one of our neighbours begins his morning ninja routine with “Huah! Hyuah!” before occasionally collapsing into a coughing fit.
kitchen view
20,000 – the number of times in one week people watched this video of our cats on YouTube. After months in the mid-hundreds, Chou-Chou and Fire Chicken suddenly began their rise to fame. As of this post they were just past 37,000.

2 thoughts on “Our current home by the numbers”

  1. hey.I don’t always get to see those video clips because our computer is so old and slow….but after seeing that 20,000 people have watched it I had to see what I was missing…..I watched to the very end (which you must!) ….very cute!!!

  2. yeah, I’d have to say that we miss those two little fur-balls. Especially Chouchou. But we’re glad to see that they are achieving a measure of fame on youtube.:D

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