Chess, for 2 to 10 players


I pretty much never played chess growing up. I like games like Pictionary, Cheat (aka B.S.), President (aka Scum), and Risk, but only if there’s lots of table talk. Chess requires way too much analytical thinking and way not enough free-form intuition.

But in this neighbourhood, chess can be a community event. Most afternoons there’s always a couple games going on in various neighbourhood shady spots, usually with a few bystanders. It’s always men; they said the women do whatever it is they do inside. But when we play, we don’t just get spectators; we get participants. People just reach in a make moves for you, and then someone else takes that person’s move back and makes their own instead, and all the time people are commenting/arguing over what move should be made and why. Or they’ll make several moves in a row and maybe half get taken back. I get totally lost, but that’s fine, because I have almost no idea what I’m doing anyway. I’m still trying to remember what tones to use for each piece’s name while Mr. Sòng is trying to decide if he should beat me quick or let me linger and thus savour his inevitable victory.

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  1. I know you don’t want to change anyone’s culture — but I’d be dying to set up a Risk board and see what they do.

  2. Already working on it. We’ve got a German, a Chinese guy, a Canadian, a Brit, and an American all ready to play as soon as someone’s Western relatives mails them a game!

    It’ll be great. I’ve never tried to manipulate an international Risk table before. Those Texans get a little predictable after a while. Though… I’m not sure I want to find out what happens when we start playing take-over-the-world games with Chinese. =)

  3. Thats sweet id like to get some 10 men chess…..ya, people here are wonderful. We are going to buffalo Gap, great people there, very old people, but great, and some young newlyweds as well, soaking up every minute of it… our a/c apartment,..

  4. Was going to be a surprise, but since you hinted on the blog, thought I’d better let you know so you don’t get 10 of them!

  5. Guess I’d better get it bubble wrapped and duct taped this soon as dad stuffs the capo/strings etc in it..

  6. Hello folks!

    as usual, it’s good to hear from you and to see you around as acquire the language–what an advanture! it was also good to see dr. byan and wife at your place.
    wishing you the best always!

    bio and dayse
    hannah, yasmin and dara

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