4 thoughts on “Sunday afternoon”

  1. can i say that i am SOOOOOOOO jealous! i have to wait until friday to get the book in kampala. here’s hoping that hey still have copies!

  2. YAAAAAY!!! You got it too!!! =) That’s what I’m spending my usual Sunday-afternoon-nap time doing… reading… and possibly falling asleep in the meantime, but primarily reading. Very excited… only on chapter 4, but there’s definitely a different tone to this book (so far) than the others…

    I love you guys!

  3. Yeah, the park is nice…it’s literally right outside our apartment building, along the canal. The picture looks so peaceful and quiet, but really, it was actually kind of hard to read out there, because there were a million cicadas screaming all around. And those things are LOUD. :D

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