Becoming morning people

People can change, right? I want to become a morning person. You know, get up and 6 or 6:30 and be done with breakfast and ready to start the day by 8. It would be cool. Plus, in this neighbourhood it would also be a whole lot easier than trying to sleep in.

I spliced together the following video from different mornings when I was still pretending that I could go back to sleep. It’s the view from our bedroom and kitchen windows. (Turn up your sound.)

That first song – which we hear every morning – is called, 纤夫的爱 (qiàn fÅ« de ài), or “the Boat-hauler’s love.” As my teacher explained it, it’s a man and woman singing to one another as the man pulls the boat in while the woman sits in it, tired at the end of a long workday out catching fish together. Apparently it was really popular ten years or so ago.

The only thing missing from the video is “the ninja” – a guy we’ve heard but never seen, who used to be up at 6am going “Haa! Hyuh! Hyou!” before collapsing into a coughing fit. I think he quit for the summer.

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