Illiteracy hazards, sidewalk calligraphers

Ha. Last night I accidentally bought a bag of MSG instead of sugar. It had weird looking sugar grains. We didn’t find out until Jessica put it in her coffee this morning. That’s what illiteracy will get you in China: MSG-flavoured coffee first thing in the morning.

Last night I went for an after-dinner walk with Mr. Song, and we found a sidewalk calligrapher. It was too dark and the video quality is horrible, but it’s still kind of cool. Now that I know where these guys go I’ll get better shots next time. The music in the background is from a ladies’ exercise group a few meters away.

The guy tried to get me to write something, which amused all the on-lookers. Put on the spot, I wrote, “我爱中国” (I love China), mostly because it’s easy and one of the first things that popped into my head with everyone waiting. It was funny because as I was writing I could hear them laughing about my stroke order, “He’s writing wrong!” I was under pressure, people! =) I’m gonna think up something funny to write next time, just in case.

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  1. Drinking MSG in your coffee…more study, more coffee–or should that be the other way around? Keep being patient with yourselves & keep laughing ;)

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