Sunday lunch: frogs

Nothing that special, but we’d been seeing the frogs in the restaurants for so long we figured it was about time we tried some.

Around the table were two German couples (doctors, a nurse, and a computer guy), one American family, six kids, and us.

[Edited to add] I forgot to mention the “squirrel fish” (that’s what it’s called). Kinda cool, tastes good:


6 thoughts on “Sunday lunch: frogs”

  1. the video? it works for us. The first one is a youtube video, the second is just a photo. Try here if you can’t get the video to work. Click the photo to see it bigger.

  2. Did you just eat the legs? Those are so delicious, but around here, kinda hard to find. When we visited my dad in New Orleans, we had some amazing frogs legs with butter & garlic. Apparently, when the legs are in the deep fryer, they keep kicking. Since I don’t generally kill frogs myself, I’ve never seen that, though. :). Bon appetit!

  3. These frogs were done the same way they do chicken in Taiwan: thrown on a cutting board and indiscriminately hacked into pieces, bones and all. It was a little annoying to eat, because you had to pull fragments of their little bones out of your mouth with every bite. Tasted good though.

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