The measure of a culture

From some of our current reading:

It has seemed to me that the final test of any civilization is, what types of husbands and wives and fathers and mothers does it turn out. Besides the austere simplicity of such a question, every other achievement of civilization — art, philosophy, literature and material living — pales into insignificance.

林语堂 (Lín Yǔtáng), 1895-1976.


4 thoughts on “The measure of a culture”

  1. … or a million other Lin’s? They actually recently made a law that lets people more easily create two-character family names for their children. Apparently there are too few family names floating around. Even in our school, which has maybe 20 teachers, some have the exact same family and given names.

    I suppose I like the general idea of the quote, but I thought it was interesting that single people apparently don’t count for much.

  2. Sure, and that’ll only marginally increase the number of available surnames, right? ;-)

    What, you mean single people are important, too?? Did I miss my calling? ;-)

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