China Night

We had “China Night” recently, where all the students do little performances in Chinese. The teachers manage everything. There was a spirited and slightly altered rendition of a classic Chinese play about a beautiful woman who’s really a snake (instead of the pathos-ridden tragic ending, they get married and go out for a hàn-bǎo-bāo at Mài-dāng-láo), the skit where a guy gets stung by a bee on the butt in Chinese – repeatedly – each time in a different genre (drama, musical, etc.), songs (“I’m a Wài-guó-rén” sung to “On the Road Again”), the teachers rapped Chinese tongue twisters (show offs!), The Three Little Pigs puppet show in Chinese, and other fun stuff.

dscn4997a.JPGJessica and I did a cameo in the play, and we were the first-year student team for the game show, where one person has to describe a word and the other has to guess it. We hammed it up, of course, to make it funny, and this included me acting dumber than I really am during the game show – partly to be funny, but also conveniently masking just how dumb I really am. It went over well, people laughed, etc. But it turns out there was a bit of a disagreement among the teachers afterward. Some said I was just acting and not really that stupid, others thought my Mandarin really was that bad. I have two teachers, and they were divided on the issue. They had to ask me in class.

We also reprised our roles in the snake-woman play for a charity event a week or two later. The second time was even more fun, as the audience was a little more rowdy and easy to get reactions out of. The photo is our cast and crew from the second performance. They had to replace the original two leads with teachers for the second show.

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