June’s slogan gets full marks

[There’ll be a new post every day for a little bit until we’re caught up. So there’ll be lots to read and see the next little while!]

This is easily the current front-runner for the Best Slogan of the Year award; big points for deliberately being funny. I first found it following a lead from Tim, and scored a difficult-to-take shot from a local KFC men’s washroom (you can’t just whip out a camera in a busy fast-food washroom and start taking pictures). I’ve now seen three different washrooms in totally different areas, all with close to the same moon-landing-inspired slogan:

kào jìn yī xiǎo bù
wénmíng yī dà bù



“Approach/near, one small step; civilization, one great step.”


“One small step toward the urinal for a man; one giant leap for civilization.”

Also means:

“C’mon! Make an effort to be more careful and aim better; it’s embarrassing and the Olympics are coming!”

For the record, I can testify regarding plenty of washrooms in North America that are in desperate need of similar propaganda – starting with a few at our old university.

ps – weekly slogans are now monthly slogans.

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