Camping on the Great Wall!

03tentontopsmall.JPGWe’ve now officially arrived in China; we’ve done the Great Wall. The school took a busload of students and teachers to a totally empty section of the Great Wall called [CENSORED – you think we want this overrun with tourists??]. It’s been mostly “restored,” but it’s also pretty much deserted and still looks cool (for what that’s worth). The towers also have big hairy bats. The people in our group were the only people there. We quickly conquered the three nearest towers and pitched our tents. Jessica and I opted for the roof. It was misty, so the dragon-like, Wall-lined mountain ridges progressively faded in the distance, but it was dry enough and cool.

The first day we hiked out the gate by our towers down through the terraced farmers’ fields below, through a village to a small town (click for photos). The next morning we hiked about two hours along the wall, parts of which were left semi- or unrestored to you could see how it was built originally. Different parts of the Wall were built with different materials and methods over the centuries. This section was stone. The oldest sections are/were packed earth. Great Wall photos are here!

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