Server move [UPDATED June 11]

[June 11] As you can see, our blog is having “issues.” Our friend and my former computer genius of a roommate Greg (formerly my roommate, still currently a computer genius) is working on getting our Chinese characters back and getting rid of that error message at the top. Once he does, I’m afraid you’ll get daily posts for at least a week or two, along with a few photo galleries. This server move has made our blog a little constipated.

If you’re sick of checking back here all the time and seeing this same dumb post and NO new photos, then look down on the left hand column and put your e-mail in the little box and hit “Subscribe.” That way you don’t have to check here every day and you’ll get an e-mail when something new is posted… assuming that subscription thing still works, of course. Hopefully we’ll be back in business soon!


There’s been some fun and interesting stuff the last couple days, but we’re in the middle of changing web hosts. I’m waiting to post until it’s finished… hopefully done today or tomorrow. Greg is actually doing it for us, since I’m 有一点笨 when it comes to stuff like that. If we disappear for a bit, that’s why.

We camp on the Great Wall this weekend!

One thought on “Server move [UPDATED June 11]”

  1. Hey guys,

    I haven’t commented on anything in awhile. Thanks for letting me keep up with your adventures. I’ve been thinking about you and I miss you, but I’m really glad you are doing what you’re doing. I miss you.

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