Dragging this out…

Some of the feedback on this name list has come in. Here’s what the latest person said:

Be honest to you I like none of the names on the list, the problem is I can not think about one I can satisfied myself as well. Be honest to you again, I even not satisfied my own Chinese name too.

And he (very helpfully) gave his reasons for why he didn’t like each name:

…too religion …too simple …very famous movie star’s name …a famous political guy’s name …usually use in girl’s name …too popular …too rare to use in normal people …I just do not like it …if you are a government officer, this may be a good one …too political …I do not know how to say in English, in Chinese is 太俗了 (“too vulgar”?).

That, with the other feedback, has let me cross some off the list.

And a new one just came in:
陆望林 (lù wàng lín)
望 wàng means hope
林 lín means woods or forest

I might actually be able to live with this one, as both characters have plenty of positive meaning for me personally… but I haven’t bounced it off our Chinese friends yet. You never know what kinds of connotations there are… “Oh, that’s the name of a well known toilet paper company,” or something.

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