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We’re overdue for Chinese names. Here are the suggestions that have come in so far for my name. Jessica is just going to ask one person, rather than do it this way. I’m sending an e-mail out to our Chinese friends to see what they think. Once I get some replies back, I’ll have to pick something. Or maybe narrow it down to a top three and send another e-mail! (how long can we drag this out?) Of course, all you 外国人 (wàiguórén / foreigners) can pick a favourite, too. Remember that the first character is the family name, and the second and third characters are the given name.

慕信义 (mù xìn yì) or 慕信毅 (mù xìn yì)
æ…• means longing for, seeking, cherishing, also found in Chinese last names.
ä¿¡ means faith, trusting, believing
义 means righteousness, Godly, faithfulness
毅 means endurance, perseverance.

陆义 (lù yì)
陆 is a good chinese family name, so I figure out a last first name for you as well: “义”。“义”means faithful. Ask your teacher to get more info :)

陆道明 (lù dào míng) – dao means moral; ming means bright, clear, honest.
陆道涵 (lù dào hán) – han means self-restrain, connotation.
陆卓恒 (lù zhuó héng) – zhuo means outstanding, long-sighted; heng means perpetual, lasting.

陸強 (lù qiáng)
先跟你說一個中文名字:陸強,因為跟你的Joel發音比較相近 (qiáng sounds similar to Joel).

陸禎達 (lù zhēn dá)
陸崇達 (lù chóng dá)

陸瑞民 (lù ruì mín) is a very Chinese name.
ç‘ž means auspicious, lucky
æ°‘ means civilian, the people

陸瑞言 (lù ruì yán)
言 means word, character, eternal

And in other news, we’ve been taking photos of all the propaganda banners. They’re not really propaganda; it’s more like free advice/moral exhortations/polite warnings, usually put up by neighbourhood committees. Some can be pretty interesting, and once we get them translated we’ll post one a week.

9 thoughts on “Chinese name suggestions”

  1. Well, I guess seeing as how you’re the new father of a daughter… I really need to track down the actual story of Mulan.

    Though I loathe the idea of my (potential, theoretical, future) children growing up with Disney characters as role models. Gag me with a blue corn moon.

  2. I know it’s common for foreigners get the “big nose” label, especially foreigner that have big noses even for foreigners. But for some reason turning that around by using terms like “slant-eye” seems so much worse than “big nose.” I’m not sure why – fair is fair right? No offense meant? So why does one seem like harmless fun (big nose) and the other feel like a highly offensive swear word (slant eye)?

    I’ve had a post half composed about reverse cultural double standards that we (Westerners) often impose on ourselves, which on the surface look like we’re trying to respect other cultures, but are actually patronizing and subtly perpetuate our conscious or subconscious feelings of cultural superiority. But it will be a while before I have that refined into anything coherent.

  3. …didn’t mean to hurt your feelings there Joel. I’ll try to keep my obtuseness to mineself.

    I would pick Fa Zhou tho.

  4. speaking of obtuseness, what I meant was that having issues with the term “slant-eye” but not having issues with the term “big nose” might actually be more ethnocentric and patronizing than using terms like slant-eye and big nose.

    But I still loathe the idea of my daughters growing up with Disney girls as role models. Gag me with a pair of too-small seashells.

  5. I agree. Mulan is in a totally different league from the rest of Disney’s freakishly proportioned floozies. And you know, Mulan does sound close to Miriam. I found this for hu? mù lán: ??? (traditional); ??? (simplified). Here’s the translation, and the characters.

    There are two family names up there to choose from: Mu and Lu. So I supposed we can choose between Mr. Cow-connotation and Mr. Toilet-connotation? But either way, these names wouldn’t be used in English, so never with “Mr.”, so I’m not worried about it. Jessica’s probably going to pick her own last name, since most Chinese couples don’t take the same name. I don’t think she wants to be “Mrs. Moo.”

  6. Yeah, but Mu Lan wasn’t too awful, was she? ;-) Much better than Ariel or Belle or Cinderelly or any of the others in Disney meta-history, right?

    Hey, JR, you could let Mu Lan stand as Miriam’s Chinese given name, once we figure out the family name … I mean, she’s gonna have to have a Chinese name if she’s ever going to spend any time with her cousins, right? It’s almost phonetically similar, too … ‘course, we’d better figure out what the proper tones are …

  7. Hey David! And thanks. At this point, every vote counts. I take forever to make important decisions anyway, and this one is maddening because it seems like everyone has different criteria for what’s a “good” name, and I personally have no gauge for how it would sound to the average Zhou. And I’ll be stuck with it forever… ?????

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