Comes with the territory

Random conversation this weekend:

“They say your nose is big.”

对。很大!” (Yes, very big!)

“Oh, no. They said: pointy.”

Oh good, thanks. I had almost forgotten. =)

I think this will become a recurring theme, if it hasn’t reached that stage already. See here and here for funny related experiences.

In other news, today was great. Had lunch with some friends, and then Jessica and I actually managed — on our own, in “Mandarin” (using the term loosely) — to ask a landlord about rental apartments and get him to show us one. Then we walked to the vegetable market and bought $3 worth of veggies all in Mandarin (that’s a lot of veggies). That’s getting easier and faster every time. Woohoo! We’re actually learning something. We have to acknowledge times like this when we feel something positive about our language learning, because most of the time we’re constantly reminded of how much we don’t know and can’t communicate.

3 thoughts on “Comes with the territory”

  1. The $3 of veggies probably weighed about 10-12 lbs…just so you can picture how many MORE veggies we can buy for that price here than at home. Eggplant, zucchini, onions, peppers (bell peppers and hot peppers), carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes…we are eating so much more healthily here than we have anywhere else in the world! (Well, except for the massive amounts of pesticide on the veggies…but we do our best to wash that off first).

  2. There are other anatomical differences between Asians and Canadians that I make a habit not to mention. I can’t get past how they’re insensitive to our prominent, noble noses.

  3. Ha, well, I suppose I’d rather live in a world where we can be honest about stuff that strikes us as strange, rather than having to pretend something is normal when really inside we’re thinking, “Geez! Did you see that? I didn’t know people came in purple!” Sure, I’m all for being polite, etc., but the honestly is worth it, I think. I mean, spoken or not, people are still thinking it.

    Especially Canadians.

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