Skyping season is officially open

For a while there the world threatened to end, what, with three weeks and no internet in the apartment. Of course this gave us plenty of time to reflect on the nature of the relationship between humanity and communication technology, who owns whom, and the human penchant toward creating things to which we give control of our lives.

Actually, that’s my doomsday scenario (if the plug doesn’t get pulled first): We create something to which we sort of unintentionally give up control to, and it kills/neutralizes us all. Not robots; something seemingly more passive and unconscious, like a super fantastic communication/entertainment/psychedelic technology that we’d all rather be hooked up to 24/7 than live for real. If I was writing the Matrix movies, I’d have removed the sinister computer entities/machines and made the Matrix a thing that people created and voluntarily gave themselves to because they preferred the fake virtual world. In (over)developed countries, don’t we sort of live that way anyway?

ANYWAY – the point is that we now have high speed internet in the apartment, so now we can Skype! We couldn’t actually get internet installed in our apartment because we’re only here for another month or two, and it was way cheaper to buy a wireless router and 34 meters of ethernet cable, and split our neighbour’s ADSL bill (I’m pretty sure that’s legal).

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