Stayin’ Alive Part 3: Finding Coffee!

Since Joel promised, more than a week ago, that I would write the third post in the “Stayin’ Alive” series….I figured I’d better get on it! Plus, one of my recent acquaintances told me that they enjoy checking our blog, but noticed that Joel seems to be the primary writer. That is true…or has been, but I’ll work on remedying that a bit over the next weeks and months.

Well….this will be short and sweet. Last year, when we first went to Taiwan, I had a few brief and terrifying weeks during which the only coffee I could find was of the instant variety (and I call that stuff coffee only in the loosest sense of the word). Then I found inexpensive coffee at the local Costco, and even better our “Starbucks Angels” (Meredith, and Joel’s sister Julia) started sending the occasional box of much better quality coffee our way.

My first week or so here was also coffee less. I didn’t even resort to the instant stuff (okay, well, I did have ONE cup of instant!). Joel said that it was getting pretty desperate, but really, I think I was quite well behaved overall. Especially since I hadn’t had any for the whole last week in Thailand either (because of being sick….even the lovely smell of coffee was enough to make me want to toss my cookies!)

However, after asking around a bit, we were finally able to locate some relatively inexpensive…and REAL coffee! Better yet, the stuff isn’t even imported! It’s actually grown in China! I had always heard that there was no coffee grown in China…and while that may have been true for many, many centuries…coffee is now grown in Yunnan Province. It’s no Starbucks (it’s a breakfast blend, so it’s actually pretty mild as coffee goes) but at 15 kuai (about $2 US per box…about half a kilo) I’m definitely not complaining. :D

One thought on “Stayin’ Alive Part 3: Finding Coffee!”

  1. I’m so glad you found some coffee. I’m still trying to develop a taste for it. Basically, I just don’t like it. But it’s so trendy and social – especially in my family – that I’d like to be able to participate. So I drink maybe a cup a week (on Saturday mornings at Happy and Papa’s house), but every time I do I think, “Man, I just don’t like the way this tastes.” And that’s with sugar, whole whipping cream, and hot chocolate. *sigh*

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