DSCN4431small.JPGOne of the first things in Tianjin that we noticed driving in from the airport were the fireworks stands. And they don’t sell just little stuff like bottle rockets. You can buy the big kind that explode in colours in the sky, stick the box on the sidewalk, and shoot it up between the buildings (as you’ll see in the video). From our 6th floor apartment, you can look out over the city and see fireworks shooting up way in the distance and right below you.

I never thought about it before, but the economic growth of China means more cars, and that means more car alarms, and that means there’s a whole new audible dimension to the Spring Festival experience now.

We took most of this video from out our own window and out some friends windows. It’s not spectacular, but it gives you a hint of what it’s like here during Spring Festival.
Make sure to note the car alarms in the second clip. That happens every time a big one goes off, and there’re lots of big ones. We were inside with the windows closed, but you can still hear them.

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