Settling in, TP misplacement, Sunday foreigner fellowship

Apparently someone across the street from us has wireless internet… hence this post, written sitting really close to the window.

We’re out of our suitcases, doing laundry, steaming 包子, drinking tea (yay!), and hanging pictures. Feeling almost completely moved in. Some people took us to the foreigner Sunday morning fellowship this morning. Until a few months ago it was the only English one in this city of 11 million (there’s one for overseas Chinese and five or six Korean ones), but they just managed to get another one registered in another part of town. It was kind of strange to need your passport to get into church – kind of like driving to the USA for milk and cheese gas, only they don’t give you dirty looks at church. It was interesting – mostly white Westerners, but a handful of Africans, Indians, and overseas Asians. “Foreign passport holders only.” Once our language is good enough to at least get a clue, I imagine we’ll check out some local registered churches.

One thing that us and the other new couple learned the hard way was that you can’t put toilet paper down the “loo,” as our UK friends call it. We’ve had a constant stream of information from JHF ever since we left Taiwan, but somehow they forgot about that bit. Turns out the nice girl down the hall who loaned us her plunger found out the hard way also when she first arrived. It always feels better when you find out you’re not the first foreigner to do something wrong. :)

We heard a little bit from Mingdaw, who has adopted Chou-chou. She got fixed, and has one of those plastic satellite dishes on her head. Do-do does, too, and he just got shaved again, so I hope they send photos.

Speaking of bathrooms, several people who were with us in Thailand are still not over whatever bug was at that resort that made everyone so sick. So if you’re going to Thailand, avoid at all costs the SUAN BUA RESORT!! It turns out that this has been going on for the last few years. I thought it was suspicious the way the staff seemed so prepared and efficient with the medicine dispensing and record keeping arrangement they had going on.

I haven’t had much time to think about taking photos yet, but the one in this post is from today on the walk back to our apartment.

11 thoughts on “Settling in, TP misplacement, Sunday foreigner fellowship”

  1. Dear Joel
    Did you get my e-mail?
    I have send the pictures two weeks ago.
    If you didn’t get the mail , tell me please.
    I’ll send again!

  2. Hey Joel and Jessica,
    Thanks so much for the posts and the pics. We’re still getting over the fact that you are really there! Last night we enjoyed a Chinese New Year Celebration in Burbaby. Dad, me and Terry Sillman were the only Mazungas.It was lot of fun, great food, decorations, entertainment, games 9all in Chinese with no interpreter….and as I looked around the room a few times while singers were singing on the stage, I sorta felt like we were with you…by proxy or something… was wierd. I’ll try to email a couple photos when I figure out how :)
    love you!

  3. Heh, well, we’re hardly qualified. For lunch we bought 8 hot steamed pork ?? and 8 cabbage ?? for a grand total of 4 yuan, so $0.60 Canadian. These are a little bit bigger than the xiao long bao, but I haven’t seen ones the size of the ?? in Taiwan that we got in the night markets.

    For me, so long as there’s good sauce, it doesn’t really matter what’s in them. The handmade ones like we had today and in Yonghe are better than the machines made ones in the supermarket for sure.

  4. your site..veddy slow…must karate chop you next time we meet! Listen need a guitar. Joel without a guitar is like Taco without the bell!!! I talked with my wife and we would really like to help with that if we can. Could we pay to get yours shipped there or something?? I mean seriously bro tell us and we will do all we can. We WANT TO let us or I will have to put my flying dragon kung fu on you!!HI-YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Hi Joel and Jessica-I check your page once in awhile as always interested in what is going on in your lives. Had lunch with your dad and Mike Parker this week and seen them again later in the week. Was treated to a really nice diner at a Chinese reataurant today by a younmg couple, your folks were also there as well as a few others. Wishing you the very best, every day-Jim Johnson

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