Hello from Bangkok

We’re in the Bangkok airport waiting to board, about 14 hours later than planned. They didn’t take off as scheduled because of freezing fog in Beijing or something. But they sent us to a really nice hotel for the rest of the day and gave us a huge meal. We should board in about 20 minutes. A bunch of JHF people were in the same boat, so we had a good time. Afternoon tea and everything, courtesy of Thai Air. Next post in China!

3 thoughts on “Hello from Bangkok”

  1. Wow! Nice airline…that wouldn’t have happened here!
    but then you seem to have a knack for unexpected airline perks, eh Joel? First class seats and “lucky sox” on British Air from Uganda (your ONLY sox!), free gift shop vouchers in London, broken TV credit vouchers, 5 seats across all to yourself from Romania…..Someone’s always watching over your travels! I’m “thinking of you” both all day today as the realization of you finally reaching your destination sinks in (sobering thoughts!!!) love you so much,

  2. Amazing to think you are there!

    I am sure you are both so excited! I cant wait to hear how wonderful it is! The airline did take care of you guys really good.:). thats so nice! Hope you got some good rest and that you are both feeling well.

    We think of you guys everyday!
    Love and miss

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