First day in Chiang Mai

This place is crawling with mzungus. We saw more white people in our first hour here than in our last 6 months in Taiwan.

I can see why this is such a tourist friendly place. Our hotel is really nice, and cheaper than that dingy motel we stayed at one night in Nowhere, Texas when our ’77 Nova broke down. We spent all day yesterday walking around Chiang Mai and basically doing the tourist thing. It seems more relaxing here – not as crowded, things seem to move a bit slower (relative to Yonghe). We’ll get some photos up when we get a better internet connection.

The tourist thing is honestly kind of boring. Street markets designed for tourists for some reason turn me off a bit, I don’t know why. It seems like it’s “not as real” or something… I don’t know what that means, or if it’s even fair… oh well. But since we’re here early to do some visa stuff, no one else from the conference is here that we know of and we’re sort of on our own, at the mercy of the tourist industry… which is pretty big here. It’s easy to get around and find stuff, but not half as interesting when you don’t have local friends.

Jessica is off at a Thai cooking class today, I’m getting some work done (visas, etc.) and reading. Next time we’ll have some photos up that we took yesterday and today.

4 thoughts on “First day in Chiang Mai”

  1. Hey, I see what you’re saying. I bet that most Thais don’t go to some of those night markets to buy the stuff they need.

    Maybe the whole purpose of Thailand is to offer mzungus high standard hospitable services in very reasonable prices!

  2. Man I miss the yellow beast, so many awesome trips to hockey and taking us to get groceries. We also had an experience in a motel in Snyder, Tx with a broken down car, where the room was so nasty that there were so butt burns on the covers that went all the way through. I can only imagine how much pretty it is there for you, enjoy your “break”.

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