Taipei to Chiang Mai

Well, we made it to Chiang Mai. We found curry, asap. But we’re really tired after pulling an all-nighter packing so we’re going to bed early.

Leaving is no fun – it’s always rushed: the packing and getting everything in order, but also the last moments with friends and all the things you want to say and moments you want to savour. I’m beginning to wonder if this will be a recurring theme in our lives… though I sure hope we get the packing part down before we have kids!

Mingdaw, Yang Mama, Zhi-ling, Wang Ge, Mu Shi and Gong-zhu (‘Princess’) came with us to the airport at 5am to see us off. We’re really going to miss them! We already do.

We’re in the mall at an internet cafe. When we figure out where the wireless connections are we’ll put up pictures, as we have a few small Thailand adventures planned. But tonight it’s just showers and bed.

ps – Chou-chou and Fire Chicken are now Mingdaw’s… I’m sure Doo-doo is thrilled.

One thought on “Taipei to Chiang Mai”

  1. Well… you’re on your way! =) I envy you… I’d love to be in Thailand over my birthday. Eat plenty of delicious food for me, even if you think it might not be something I’d particularly appreciate. =) It’s always tough to leave friends that you’ve made along the way, but you always have each other, and you can always Skype… (THANK GOD FOR SKYPE!)

    I love you guys. Enjoy Thailand for me… at the rate things are going, I’m not likely to see it for many more years.

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