Famous New Year’s Night Market

After vaccinations in the morning and teaching in the afternoon, Mingdaw took us out on a long planned night market trip. This particular night market – 迪化街夜市 – is called a 年貨大街 right now (I hope I got that right; don’t know how to translate it though) because it majors in Chinese New Year stuff – it’s where everyone goes to get their supplies, and it was probably the liveliest and funnest night market we’ve visited. One big bonus was that almost all the vendors offer free samples of whatever it is they’re selling. It was completely packed with people. I was having so much fun inflicting Mingdaw with my horrible Chinglish while sampling everything in sight that I forgot to take pictures of all of us together (argh!). But we had a great time. The picture of the lady on the left is for mom… she’s selling pi pa fruit, the stuff in that black Chinese cough syrup. I’m not sure what everything was that we ate, but it included jerky, dried fruit, cookies, hot sauce, dried minnows, various drinks (herbal, ginger, wine), dried squid, a special stuffed fried thing whose name is only in Taiwanese, wine sausage, candied strawberries on a stick, and dinner included some really tasty “thick ox tail soup.”

We had to cut our time short because 公主 got lost and left a voice mail saying she was returning to the parking lot early. Since Mingdaw had to pick up Shannon from work, we got out at the CKS Memorial Park and had a nice romantic walk before taking the MRT (subway) home. There are three buildings (National Concert Hall, National Theatre, and the CKS Memorial Hall), surrounded by a park with trees and ponds with big colourful fish, which we couldn’t really see because it was dark. But the paths are lit nicely for a walk after dark. Below are the Memorial Hall (with the moon, the streaky airplane, and Taipei 101) and the Concert Hall. I took these photos with a hand-held point-and-shoot camera on “Indoor” setting.

See a short 13 second video clip from the night market entrance here.

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