Night out with the young adults group

We always have fun hanging out with the young adults. And it often involves great food, too. They took us out tonight to a hot pot restaurant that specializes in mutton, but of course has all the usual hot pot stuff, from seafood (shrimp, crab, squid) to dofu and tempura, vegetables, beef, and pork. And you get to mix your own sauces (big bonus for me)! And it’s all you can eat, and we were there for I think over three hours.

On the right is a picture of KÄ›-xÄ«n and Jessica, who’s sucking the marrow out of a leg bone with a straw. We also had squid heads for the first time… I’m not sure if I was supposed to eat those. I thought it was a little octopus with really big eyes, until someone passed me a couple headless bodies. Oh well – tasted good.

In addition to having a blast with a really fun crowd, we also get to try as much Mandarin as we can (more opportunity than we get at work, where the pressures of running the school don’t make time for many impromptu Mandarin lessons). And our friends seem to enjoy playing Mandarin teacher. We’re so thankful they tolerate our constant stream of, “[new word] 是什麼?” We’re going to miss these guys – and fun, warm, and caring bunch.

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  1. I’m glad you all had such a good time. It’s tough saying goodbye and trying to see everybody there is to see in your last week there – while you are also making travel arrangements, packing, and tying up any loose ends. Enjoy it, though! I miss you.

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