Just had an earthquake

We just had an earthquake… literally 30 seconds ago. I’m at the school and I could see the Christmas ornaments on the tree swinging, but only two of the four of us in the room could feel it.



It was 6.2, the red star is the epicenter. We’re in the north in Taipei county. Earthquake #5 for this year.

6 thoughts on “Just had an earthquake”

  1. Scary, glad I wasn’t there. I hate earthquakes, they just give me the heeby jeebies. I hope you don’t have anymore. Love reading your blog, I guess you are getting ready to move on soon, that is exciting I bet.

  2. Hey, Shannon. We were at work and Mingdaw suddenly said, “dì zhèn.” We’d learned that word last time there was a big enough earthquake to feel, so I knew what he meant but I couldn’t feel it. Then him and Jessica said to look at the Christmas tree, and all the ornaments were wiggling. They stopped after 20 seconds or so. It was strange to see it but not feel it (they could feel it).

    Yeah, we’re excited to finally go to China, but it will be sad leaving everyone in Taiwan.

  3. It’s weird when earthquakes aren’t felt by everyone – I felt one in Italy one day. I was in a basement computer lab, and I thought someone was jumping up and down on the floor behind me, making the floor vibrate a bit. I turned round to scowl at them to stop, and got confused when everyone was still sitting!

    Then someone said “teremoto”, which meant nothing to me, but I followed everyone out. I texted an Italian friend to see if it meant “earthquake”, and they said yes. I also felt the aftershock, several hours later. It was only about 3.5 maybe? The epicentre was closer to Rome, which was 2-3 hours away, cross country.

  4. Hi, Helen. The weird thing for me was being able to ‘see’ it, and knowing that it was happening right then, but still not be able to feel it.

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