Tentacle Pleasures & voice-over work

Two of our student’s parents run a video production company, and they offered for us to do the narrating for a video. I was the man voices; Jessica had the narration and the girl voices. It was fun, and Jessica is like a pro – her parts sound like a real actual voice talent person and she didn’t even blink reading the Chinese names. Mine sound like the people talking are sleepy. We got the script last night but we didn’t know what the video was about. And then, in the first paragraph, we read,

Taiwanese are able to enjoy a complete sense of bliss and satisfaction here, with visual, audio and tentacle pleasures to their bodies and minds.

Blissful and satisfying tentacle pleasures? Just what exactly did we agree to help promote?! Octopus spa therapy, anyone?

I tried to tell Jessica you can’t mess with people’s scripts and she has to say “tentacles,” but she wasn’t buying it.

It ended up being about some kind of design school exhibition where they make everything out of foam. I talked about special foam hangers and design theory. Jessica did the intro and outro and talked about the school and the designers, and foam Christmas trees.

There were a few other edits we made, the next best coming right at the end when Jessica concluded: “They say that the simple life is to have fun – with heart!” It originally said, “…have fun with a heart,” but we told them that’s not quite the same thing.

I hope we get to do more of this – it’s fun and easy, and Jessica is actually really good at it. She sounds like the real deal. They’ll be putting it on a website eventually, so we’ll post the link when we get it.

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  1. Jess has always been like a pro when it comes to voice-over work. At one point when we were kids, we had both talked about going into radio… they’re always looking for “smooth-voiced” women. =)

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